Who can watch the funeral livestream?

The immediate family controls  access to the live stream. If requested, a secure password will be provided, which  can be shard with anyone they would like to allow to view the service. Without the password, viewing will be restricted.    Alternatively, the public viewing option may be chosen and the  live stream will be available without restriction to the public.

How do I access the live stream?

The Funeral Home  and/or Obituary Notice will provide a  shortcut web link (e.g. www.memorialview/name) to to view the service.
Families that request a private funeral stream will have a special shortcut  link with a unique code that will forward them to  the video.

Does the church need fast internet or good wifi?

No. We are equipped with the latest upload  technology that enables us to go live without the need for local wifi.

Is it possible to livestream from the graveside?

Yes we can stream the interment   from the graveside  or any other outdoor area.